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Hey guys, this blog is about creative trade show table display ideas that you can use to attract more people to your trade show event. Also, we often share trade show marketing tips, tricks, and tactics to make your booth a large success.

you could probably fill your calendar every weekend for a full year with a trade show fair or event, not that it’s a smart idea nor something that you would want to do, but once you’ve carefully selected the right trade show events to participate in, the real fun begins!

this blog is the second of a three-part series focusing on planning the best trade show table display.

in today’s Blog, I’ll share some creative ideas for how to set up a display table that will attract more people.

with over 10 years of experience and participation in trade show events, I know that preparing for an event can be somewhat hectic, so I’ve already created a checklist for you to make it easy to pack and prepare for your next event.

So I’m sharing with you some creative trade show table display ideas for how to set up a booth table that will attract more people.

in the last blog, I recommended that you gather all the information that you would need regarding the event or fare.

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in order to plan what items you’ll be bringing the day of and how you’ll be setting up your table or booth, you’ll need to know the following:

are the event organizers providing you with the table?

if so, how long is the table?

are they providing you with a tablecloth?

are they providing any chairs? if so, how many?

if it’s an outdoor event, will they be providing a tent?

if not, are our tents allowed?

how many attendees are they expecting for this particular event this year?

now that you have that information handy and available, let’s start talking about your;

Creative Trade show table displays ideas

1. Branding (Trade show exhibition event)

You can forget Branding when planning unique trade show table display ideas.

a good table setup will put your logo front and center. 

you could do this in a few ways: 

if it’s an outdoor event and you’ll be using a tent, you can custom order a tent with your logo and even branding color.

if the event organizer is supplying you with the tent, you could consider using a custom-made vinyl banner with your logo that has grommets, so that you can hang it from the tent poles as a backdrop.

if you’re looking to keep your costs minimal, you can custom order a tablecloth with your logo.

this is why you need to know what size of table you’ll be working with ahead of time.

Read more below about trade show table display ideas to plan your booth.

if you aren’t ready to invest in a custom tablecloth yet, then consider using a simple white tablecloth and fine cloth material that matches your branding colors and use them as accent colors.

you can also get creative by using tulle or other material to incorporate accent colors. 

if you don’t have a banner that you can use or don’t have a logo tablecloth, then I recommend that you simply consider printing your logo at Walmart, or any print Center on some photo paper and finding a nice frame to place it in.

depending on how large you decide to go, you can place the frame on the table, or I will recommend that you use a nice display stand to allow for more room on the table for your brochures or promotional items. Share if you are liking these creative trade show table display ideas.

2. Dimension (Important point in trade show table display ideas)

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have you ever attended an event and walked up to a table that had really great information, but everything just looks so flat laid out on the table?

event goers are naturally drawn to displays and setups that have dimension and depth. 

you can easily create dimension and depth on your table by using different size boxes.

you can take solid empty boxes, tape them up, so that they are sturdy and level, flip them over and drape them to hide the ugly cardboard. 

it gives you an elevated surface to place promotional products or other materials that you may have. This is an important point when planning your trade show display ideas.

another really unique thing that you can do is take small furniture pieces like a small bench, tiered ladder shelves, or even crates and place them on top of your table. you can use crates by flipping them on their side and using them horizontally or vertically, and in most cases, you will be adding space that you can use.

remember the goal isn’t to make your table look busy it’s to catch someone’s eye. 

you’ll want to be really thoughtful about making sure that your table looks neat and not cluttered. try and keep it simple when incorporating dimensions.

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3. Materials (Trade show booth equipment)

Next in the trade show table display idea, we’ll talk discuss Materials.

don’t be afraid to incorporate different types of materials into your table.

you can use wire baskets, ceramic bowls, or plates would enforce to display your products or any promotional products that you’re giving away.

another really great idea if you’re not on a tight budget is a balloon column.

it’s more appropriate for an indoor fare or event, however, it’s a great way to set your table or booth apart from others.

if you are on a limited budget, you can still incorporate balloons on a smaller scale.

4. Theme (Unique design of trade show exhibit)

Now comes a very controversial point in trade show table display ideas. Live for a good cheesy theme. now some people may disagree and say that it’s unprofessional, but I think that if you’re able to capture someone’s attention with a little humor, and are able to use it to your advantage as a conversation starter, then it served its purpose and you’re better off for it.

remember that the purpose of participating in an event as an exhibitor is to engage people, so as long as you’re doing that, and representing your business well and in a positive light then it’s a win.

5. Photo Ops (PR of your cool trade show booth)

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creating an opportunity for people to take a photo or selfie can be a great way to leverage free PR through Facebook or Instagram.

if you want, you can certainly invest in creating a backdrop, but there are a few other things that you can do that don’t require as large of an investment:

you can go to Hobby Lobby or another craft store and buy a large frame, and spray paint it an accent color. be sure to attach handles to it so that people can hold it up, and don’t forget to use fun props, like hats, big goofy glasses, and feathered Boas. 

You can also use foam board cutouts and get really creative and make photo ops.

if you are graphically challenged or would rather have something that is easy to print off and glue to a foam board, check out a few related people on google as they have a ton of creative options by simply searching for a selfie frame.

many options you’ll find are around 20 bucks and remember that you’ll have to take it to Staples or Walmart to get it printed out, so you’ll want to remember to include that in your cost.

but you could do almost all of it for under 60 bucks.

the key to a great photo op is to remember to somehow integrate your logo or hashtag into the prop itself. so that when people are posting photos online, your business gets exposure as well.

6. Technology (Valuable point in booth table display)

In the trade show display tables, integrating technology into your table display can not only make it look sharp, but it can also be effective.

if you’re a service-based business, like let’s say an event planner or a home improvement expert, a weight loss specialist, or a fitness trainer, use a digital frame to highlight before-and-after pictures, or to highlight recent jobs that you’ve completed.

it’s a great way to incorporate visuals without having to clutter your table with a ton of frames.

if you’re a photographer, maybe it makes sense for you to bring your laptop or computer to show photo shoots that you’ve recently done.

always take into account the location of your table or booth, as well as whether or not you’re gonna have access to power. this may not be an option for you if the event organizer does not plan on having access to power.

also when working with technology, consider if you’ll be working and enduring an outdoor event.

you certainly don’t want to take anything that’s breakable to an outdoor event. Share this trade show table display ideas with your team.

7. Freebies or Promotional Products (Trade show giveaways)

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I’m about to become really unpopular, but we all know that pens are overrated. unless you are ordering pens in addition to another item, I encourage you to steer clear of them, only because you can find something that is a little more unique and useful while still keeping your price point down.

consider items that people will keep in their purses like chip clips, lip balm, ice packs, or even canvas bags.

if you don’t have a big budget or can’t afford to get promotional products with your logo imprinted on them, don’t worry.

my recommendation is to go to Walmart and think about inexpensive items that you can hand out and put a sticker with your logo or attach your business card.

you’ll get brownie points if you can find items to hand out that will come in handy while they walk around the event.

for example, when searching for table display ideas, if I’m participating in an outdoor event and it’s in August here in Charleston, it’s still pretty darn hot, so I figure for about 200 dollars, I can buy a hundred of these cooling towels at Walmart.

people will more than likely stop by to pick one up, especially if they are really hot.

if you don’t have 200 dollars to spend on something to hand out, or don’t have the time to order swag with your logo on it, consider giving out a treat.

try to keep it relevant to your occasion.

for example, if you’re participating in a Fair, where they have a sporting event such as a soccer tournament, then offer something like these small protein bars. They are inexpensive and you can buy them at Walmart.

if you are at an event geared toward small children consider handing out little packs of fruit gummies.

I recommend that you stick to items that are prepackaged in individual servings so that you aren’t having to mess with them.

The last 3 ideas would be;

8. Using videos

9. Having a large area for table display

10. Good communication with people

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Wrap up on 10 creative trade show table display ideas

so I hope if anything that the few things that we touched on today will help spark your imagination for your next trade show event or fair.

Remember if you are planning table display ideas, you are there to engage with people and share your business with them. so don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it.

if you like this blog about top trade show table display ideas, make sure to comment and share it right now.

if you want more marketing tips, tools, or tactics for your business, do bookmark our website for future posts. Thanks!

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