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Hey, in today’s blog we will discuss some of the best trade show booth designs ideas that you can use to make your trade show event successful.

In this blog, we will learn in-depth from concept to creation, and learn about the process of planning, designing, building, and delivering custom,  modular, or semi-custom best trade show booth designs.

Before heading to the cool trade show booth designs, let’s see;

How to Design a Custom Trade Show Booth?

trade shows and events are some of the best ways to promote and sell products and create brand awareness.

the process of designing, building, delivering, managing, and storing a custom trade show exhibit is a journey that is essential to help an event marketing strategy succeed.

trade show booth designs ideas

Step 1: Identify your trade show goals

what are your objectives? examples include lead generation, brand awareness, education, building relationships, and short or long-term sales.

after you’ve established your goals, assessing your needs is next.

  • when is the first show or event?
  • what size exhibit will you need?
  • will you need multiple sizes for future events?
  • what is your overall budget?
  • will you need to display products in your booth?
  • will you need space for demonstrations or presentations?
  • will you need a conference area?
  • will you need assistance in designing graphics for your booth?

describe the look you desire; conservative, elegant, high-tech, minimalist.

describe the feel you want; open, symmetrical, freeform.

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Step 2: Finding a trade show exhibit partner

It is the second most crucial step in designing a trade to exhibit. they will design an exhibit around your goals and we’ll take the requirements and design with those in mind.

choose a partner who is seasoned, experienced, and offers services such as graphic design, installation, and dismantling, and asset management.

Step 3: Designing and planning the trade show exhibits build

the next step is for the exhibit partner to decide based on goals budget timeline and other factors the path the exhibit should take.

  • fully custom: meaning the exhibit was designed entirely from customized materials.
  • semi custom: which combines customized elements with some standard pieces.
  • systems: which are based on modular building blocks and off-the-shelf elements.

Step 4: Share the trade show exhibition concept

trade show booth designs ideas

the exhibit partner will share exhibit designs with your brand goals and budget in mind. they may nail the first concept or there may be tweaks to achieve the perfect look.

after the exhibit design is finalized, they will work with expert project management and detailing teams to lay the blueprints for building the exhibit and bringing the design to life.

during this phase, project managers and Detailers determine the building blocks and materials required as well as ensure that the exhibit will be produced within the desired time frame.

so far we’ve covered the need to identify the exhibiting goals, select the exhibit partner, and finalize the exhibit design. Let’s see some custom trade show booth design ideas with graphics.

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Step 5: Graphics

once the team finalizes the exhibit’s manufacturing blueprint and plan, guidelines and graphic templates for the design of the display will be provided.

this is a critical step in the process and one that should be driven based on the exhibit design selected.

many exhibit partners can design the graphics for the exhibit, but some exhibitors prefer this be handled by in-house creative or graphic design agencies. don’t skip any graphics related and follow all our best trade show booth designs and ideas to have a successful trade show event.

if independently designing the graphics, connect the graphic designer with the exhibit partner. it will give important guidance such as positioning the message at high, middle, and low points in the booth and keeping exhibit graphics simple and not text-heavy. 

Step 6: Building the exhibit trade show

with a detailed blueprint and finalized graphics, the exhibit moves into production.

expert teams fabricate the elements of the exhibit including extrusion cutting, tube bending, welding, woodworking, and more.

graphics experts comprised of expert print and finishing machine operators and seamstresses produce graphic artwork on a variety of materials such as fabric, satin, cheer, vinyl, PVC, canvas, and more.

once graphics are printed they proceed to graphic finishing to be cut to size and sewed.

depending on the size materials used in the complexity of your exhibit production may last two to four weeks.

during this time the trade show partner is closely working with the production teams to ensure quality and timeliness. 

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trade show booth designs ideas

Step 7: Preview the exhibit

many exhibit partners offer booth previews of the exhibit once completed. this allows for a quality review final tweaks and changes to be made before it ships to the show.

this is also a great opportunity to train your booth staff on how to work the booth at the show. the exhibit continues on its journey to its first trade show or event.

Step 8: The trade show display and beyond

producing the custom trade show exhibit is only one piece of the complete exhibiting program. some companies have internal teams that manage the logistics, installation, dismantling, and storage of exhibit assets but may use their exhibit partner to assist in these areas. 

exhibit partners can handle all show planning, coordination, and ordering electrical, rigging, flooring, AV, furnishings, shipping, installation, dismantling storage, and more. 

depending on your level of internal resources and exhibiting schedule, these management services can save time and stress in the long run, making it easy so that all you need to do is show up.

there are a lot of steps involved with designing and building a custom trade show exhibit;

  • understanding the goals and 
  • finding the right exhibit partner 

these the most important steps in achieving your trade show ROI.

Now we’ll see more about custom trade show booth design ideas below.

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Best trade show booth designs ideas

trade show booth designs ideas

when looking at various trade show booth designs ideas, it’s important to consider your audience and the type of show.

not only do you want these ideas to stand out, but you also want visitors to the trade show to learn about the product you are introducing.

so, you want something that stands out and that gets people’s attention.

in addition, you want the best trade show booth designs that are going to relate to the general audience in your niche business.

trade show booth designs are eye-catching, attention-grabbing displays used by businesses to promote their products and services at a trade show.

in its most basic form, a trade show booth design is simply some graphical advertising displayed on signs or banners at a trade show booth.

there are many options out there for effective and simple trade show booth designs ideas. depending on the message you are trying to convey, you might choose one over another.

when you ask yourself how to choose an effective trade show display consider the following options while choosing custom trade show booth designs ideas:

Trade show display lighting

trade show presents a unique opportunity to demonstrate your expertise within your industry, but when setting up a display for these events, it is important to have trade show display lighting that will help enhance your presentation.

with only so many ways to display your message, this type of trade show booth design lighting can go a long way in helping you stand out in the crowd.

those who stand out in a trade show are the ones that get noticed by the press and ultimately the ones that benefit the most. Share these creative trade show booth designs ideas with your team.

Trade show display flooring

The added touch that good trade show booth design flooring can contribute to a presentation is often underrated. Trade shows offer professionals such as yourself a great opportunity to show the rest of your industry what you have been up to. You can introduce new and original perspectives at these trade shows, or just show how you are improving on old ones.

Trade show display backdrop

When you are looking to set up your display, a trade show display backdrop can sometimes be as important as the display itself. Trade shows are a powerful way to show other industry professionals and the media what you have been up to. By adding a good backdrop to your presentation, you can really help make yourself stand out.

A trade show display backdrop does not have to be intricate or complex. Instead, a simple addition of a large banner or pop-up can often be enough to give your presentation that added effect. Think of using something more than just a solid color, and consider adding graphics that will help make your message really stand out.

Let’s see more trade show booth designs ideas for small budgets.

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Custom trade show booth designs ideas for Small budgets

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So in this, we will be talking about overarching strategies that can be used in any show or most events and trade shows.

the three things you’re gonna learn are;

How to formulate a strategy?

the first point in trade show booth designs and ideas is strategy formation. you want to define and name your event strategy, so you’re either there to do branding or you’re there to do lead generation.

How to drive traffic and then keep traffic at your table?

the second is requiring the event to drive traffic to you and having a compelling draw at your table that keeps people there.

How do qualify prospects quickly?

the last point in trade show booth design ideas is about prospects. This part is insisting on the game.

so you don’t waste a whole bunch of time following up with people who we’re never gonna do business with you anyway.

if you’re doing lead generation, then you’re doing branding automatically. it’s just you’re doing half and a half right.

half of it is there to get leads and half is just to be seen and meet people and all that.

if you’re doing branding, it’s a little different. branding is where you’re not really focusing on lead generation. you might even do some lead generation at the event but you don’t go there with sign-up sheets and giveaways, specifically for collecting information.

when you’re doing a lead generation, you can do it more generalized and you can target a lot more different demographics and different types of people. Never forget this while planning your best ideas for trade show booths.

one of the rules to follow with this is money follows attention so if you don’t have an attention-getting hook at your table, you know something to draw them in to at least talk to you for about 30 seconds, don’t expect any money to come with that.

Branding is a little bit different. from branding now we’re talking about a more specific audience where they don’t necessarily need to drive traffic to your table.

this is gonna be more like a professional trade association, a certain category of certain industry and people are there for business reasons but they’re not there to do business.

money still follows attention though so you must be interesting and engaging. you must give them a reason to stop by your table.

specifically, when finalizing trade show booth design ideas, you want to require that event to drive traffic to your table. another thing you can do at events like this is volunteer to be a guest speaker.

with family-oriented events, you can do very generic attention-getting devices like the spinning wheels, the beanbag toss, the jelly beans, and the jar.

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Conclusion of the best trade show designs and ideas in 2022

hopefully, this blog about the best trade show booth design ideas was helpful for you. if you liked it, please leave a comment.

thanks for reading and we will see you next time. Thanks!

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