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Hey, Today we are going to discuss why and how to rent a trade show booth display to attract more people and generate more sales and have a great exhibition.

But first, let’s talk about;

5 Reasons to rent a trade show booth display

there are many reasons to rent a trade show booth display and it makes more sense both financially and strategically.

perhaps you need a completely unique look for each trade show or maybe you rebrand every year, so what’s the right choice for you?

let’s consider these five factors that can help you decide whether to rent or buy it.

Reason 1: Reduce Costs

it allows you to reduce the initial cost of entry. as a rule of thumb, you can rent an exhibit for approximately fifty to seventy-five percent of the purchase cost.

Reason 2: No ownership fees

eliminating any cost of ownership fees associated with storing and servicing a purchased property.

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Reason 3: Flexibility

you can remain flexible and keep pace with the ever-changing market needs.

Reason 4: No capital

allows you to avoid the red tape associated with capital expenditures.

Reason 5: Supplement

you can supplement your existing trade show program or schedule with a rental exhibit.

if and when you decide to purchase an exhibit for long-term use, renting allows you to test drive the product, exhibit house, show, and total experience.

these are the 5 reasons we have. Now let’s see why you should rent a trade show booth display.

Why rent trade show displays?

we believe that you, your company, and your team deserve an amazing experience when exhibiting at trade shows.

thinking about renting an exhibit? why rent a trade show booth display instead of purchasing? great question!

Here are examples of the clients that typically rent exhibits;

  • you are an international company coming to the united states to participate in a trade show or conference
  • you want the cost savings of a rental exhibit or stand for hire and the expertise of working with an experienced exhibit company 
  • you don’t want to get stuck with the boring plain looking exhibit rental that you can get from the show
  • you are a company in the united states that needs to go big for a specific show each year but don’t want the higher cost of ownership for that larger exhibit 
  • your company has overlapping or conflicting show schedules and your business needs to be in two places at once

If you want to rent a trade show booth display, there are several exhibit rental companies specializing in simplifying the process of exhibiting by providing full rental trade show services including structural design, graphic design, exhibit and graphic production, technology integration, logistics, installation, dismantle labor, and show form preparations.

How Trade Show Display Rentals Work

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If you or your company is participating in a trade show event as an exhibitor, you have two options in setting up your booth:

  1. you can either purchase your own trade show booth display.
  2. or simply rent a trade show booth display that is much less expensive than the former.

If you are interested in simply renting a display booth, you have to know first how trade show display rentals work.

  • start by looking for companies that offer booth and display rentals.
  • narrow your options by comparing their product lineup, service coverage, rates, location, and other terms and conditions.
  • After selecting one, contact the company and explain what you need. 
  • discuss materials you prefer, a specific type of display you need, the size of your booth, and even service coverage.
  • if you are getting a custom-made display rental, carefully explain the particulars of the products.
  • if the materials are all set, discuss the particulars of the event – date and time of the trade show, duration of the rental, schedule of setting up and event completion, and others.
  • remember that most display rentals are charged according to the duration of your usage, including custom layout, design, and creation.
  • these are the essential things you need to know if you want to rent a trade show booth display.
  • while you might experience a few minor inconveniences in renting compared to purchasing, you can really save a lot of money from it.

Should you rent a trade show display or Buy it?

if you are only doing a few shows a year, is it better to rent a trade show booth display or to buy one? that’s a great question!

if you’re in a 10 x 10 booth, let’s use that as an example;

you have a typical pop-up display and you’re just getting started. I would suggest you rent a trade show display and let me tell you why.

Example 1: It’s about giving a message than showing your trade show display

I have a true story of a lady that moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and she actually is a minister that marries brides and grooms and also has a marketing company which I found very fascinating.

she was getting ready for a bridal show, and she says I heard that I need to come to see exhibit trade show marketing experts because you’re the place to go.

so I listened and built a relationship with her and I started qualifying what is needed. what is your long-term plan? what I found out is she was just getting started.

she knew she needed to go to bridal fairs and trade shows but she didn’t know how much to spend or what was the norm. so I said, let’s rent trade show booth display, and let’s put your money into your graphics.

that’s the first thing I would suggest because remember your message is the one thing that connects with your audience. it’s not about your display.

now I’m not saying don’t go out and buy a new display, what I am saying is if you’re just getting started, try it out.

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Example 2: invest in your trade show exhibit

if you have a 10 x 20 booth and you’re a technology company, you’re probably not going to want to rent something that’s traditional. you’re probably going to want something high-tech and a little bit more custom to your personal needs.

so if you’re going to more than one or two shows a year, I do suggest that you invest in your trade show exhibit.

if you don’t have a lot of money, then rent the hardware and put your money into your graphics.

if you’re just getting started, talk with your exhibit house, sit down with the marketing and design team and ask the right questions like;

  • what is in it for you?
  • what’s your reason to exhibit?
  • how do you want to make a return on your investment?

those are all key ingredients to make a successful trade show environment for you.

remember, you don’t want to just go to a trade show to show up. you want to go to a trade show to meet other potential clients, to eventually turn into a sale after you build a relationship.

if you would like to learn more about the most common and frequently asked questions in our trade show industry please comment below and we’ll help you out. 

Why rent a trade show booth in Las Vegas?

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Benefits of renting a custom trade show booth

  • one of the great things is there’s no initial capital expense. this is a dollar-for-dollar right off on your balance sheet, which can free up your budget to do some other things like taking a larger booth space or enhancing your exhibit with some audio-visual, additional lighting packages, or maybe even some show sponsorships.
  • there are minimal or no storage costs associated with the exhibit.
  • no maintenance or repair costs since you don’t own the exhibit.
  • rentals can be custom designed.
  • you can concentrate on product launches company acquisitions and new branding with some of those dollars you save as well.
  • you’ll even have greater flexibility.
  • let’s say you have shows that overlap one another, then you can exhibit multiple shows at any place at any time.

these are some reasons that you want to look at renting versus purchasing.

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Things you should look for in a rental proposal

you should look for custom exhibit designs:

  • custom lighting packages
  • Premium flooring options
  • large-scale graphics and signage production

you should also be looking for booth delivery installation and dismantling from your provider:

  • packing and loading the booth onto the truck
  • returning and putting it back into stock 

as well as show services or facility services:

  • Shipping
  • Electrical
  • Material Handling
  • Furniture rental
  • Booth cleaning
  • Hanging signs or rigging labor

these are some things that you should look for if you want to rent a trade show display.

Conclusion of the 10 Best reasons to rent trade show booth displays in 2022

Las Vegas is home to half of the top 200 trade shows throughout the year. this is a great place to rent trade show booths or to buy.

you would be a valued partner with us. we have relationships with convention centers, hotels, restaurants, and even some major attractions in the area.

we can help with seamless show planning, and executive and staffing needs during a show, even last-minute requests get handled right away.

any exhibit changes or floor plan changes, events, executive meetings, and entertainment, we offer all-inclusive rental proposals.

there are no hidden costs or surprises when you work with us. we would really love to be your valued partner here in Las Vegas. please consider us when planning your next custom exhibit rental.

thank you!

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