10 Rental Ideas For Las Vegas Trade Show Furniture Rentals


Hey, let’s discuss some of the top creative ideas and tips for selecting the best las vegas trade show furniture rentals.

Are you a new exhibitor wondering about all the services that you need to organize in order to have a fantastic boost? Or are you an experienced exhibitor but you wish you had done things differently in the past? 

One of the things that you need to consider for your las vegas trade show furniture rentals is your furniture. What furniture are you going to have in your booth? Should you buy it, or should you rent it? What furniture would be best suited for your goals?

You wouldn’t believe it, but just around the theme of furniture, there are so many questions that need to be answered.

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Renting or Buying furniture for your trade show in las vegas? – What is best for you?

Why choosing the correct furniture is so important for your booth? If you want to rent what can you rent? What are the pros and cons of renting furniture rather than having your own furniture? And if you do decide to have your own furniture, how can you enhance it, so that it complements your exhibit?

1. Choose Right Furniture

Well, first of all, it is very important to choose the right las vegas trade show furniture rentals for your exhibiting goals. Many exhibitors have got different exhibiting goals. If you are a small exhibitor all you want is a shell skin stand, which requires simple space-saving furniture. 

if you have a larger booth, your needs may differ. you may need different furnishings depending on your space usage. you might have an area for relaxing, for entertaining guests, whilst you might have another area for selling, and yet another one for demonstration. But what about if you are in an outdoor area?

2. Specify Requirements

Your requirements for las vegas trade show furniture rentals will be specifically different from those exhibitors who would be inside, so your furniture really depends on the size of your exhibit, your exhibiting goals, and where you are placed within the exhibition hall or outside. 

Now, what can you rent? Well, all sorts of items:

sittings, chairs, sofas, tables, outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and even grass can be rented. 

Office desks, storage facilities, bars, displays, literature racks, and accessories as well, such as a cooler, a fridge, a bin, or boards, clothes racks, hangers, mirrors, and table stands. 

Anything can be rented. You name it, you think about it and you can be sure that you will be able to rent it. Now many of you will probably be thinking that renting is a waste of money. Well not necessarily. There are quite a few pros to las vegas trade show furniture rentals.

3. Cons and Pros

First of all, the las vegas trade show furniture rentals are always new and always look great. You have lots of choices, you’re not just stuck to the same old furniture that you have got show after show.

The cost is less than purchasing. And don’t forget you also don’t have any shipping fees, you don’t have to deliver to your booth, and you don’t have any drayage fees or storage costs. 

Of course, there are also some cons. It’s one more contractor to deal with. If you do more than 3 or 4 shows it is the same cost as buying a new one. And also if the furniture is yours then, of course, you can use it whenever you want during the year, not just during the show where you rent it.

Now if you decide that you are not going to rent furniture, but you are going to purchase it, maybe because you have got 3, 4, or more shows in the year and you think it is more appropriate for you.

Then don’t forget to customize your las vegas trade show furniture rentals. Why? Because it’s made to order so you can brand it for yourself, they are yours to keep don’t forget.

And also some companies that have got an eco-friendly attitude think about recyclable furniture. Yes, you can purchase recyclable furniture. That furniture is called re-board, they are easy to transport and to store and they’re so light.

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6 Best Rental tips for las vegas trade show furniture rentals

  1. Enhance your design
  2. comfort is key
  3. take your available space into account
  4. determine the purpose of your furniture
  5. face the “Audience”
  6. encourage attendees to stay longer

Questions to consider during the planning

  1. will there be group presentations?
  2. will you be conducting private meetings?
  3. do you want areas for networking?

How to select the right furniture for your las vegas trade show?

when thinking of a booth design, the first element that probably springs into your mind is a back wall with powerful messaging, canopies, or towers.

but don’t forget to consider another crucial component of your tradeshow booth, the furniture!

it’s important not to treat the choice of what furniture to include in your booth like an afterthought, instead, think of your goals and objectives as well as the booth aesthetic in order to select the right las vegas trade show furniture rentals.

1. What is your Goal 

the first thing that you’re going to want to think about is what you are hoping that the furniture will accomplish.

In las vegas trade show furniture rentals, if your goal is to invite attendees in to sit back, relax, and linger in your booth, plush seating near a charging station or a monitor with engaging content is an ideal option for drawing people in.

If you want to meet some important clients in a conference area within your booth, you may want to simulate the environment of a corporate conference room with a table.

the next decision you will need to make is to buy or rent your tradeshow furniture. most companies will choose to rent their booth furniture and the show venue will likely have a preferred vendor that you can easily order fine.

2. Renting Furniture is Efficient

when you rent furniture from the las vegas trade show furniture rentals, you won’t need to worry about storing the furniture or paying to ship it, and you won’t have to worry about repairing, cleaning, or updating the items.

However, purchasing furniture could potentially be beneficial for frequent exhibitors that plan to use the same type of furniture repeatedly.

it would also be particularly beneficial for the exhibitors that already have a storage and service team managing their booth property.

In this situation at las vegas trade show furniture rentals, you can simply add your booth furnishings to the inventory with your exhibits storage company or you can store them at your own facility if you have the room.

just make sure the furniture you buy is lightweight so that it doesn’t add too much to the cost of your shipping.

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Furniture Rental Guide for Las Vegas Trade Show 

Different questions come to mind when selecting the right las vegas trade show furniture rentals. Should you rent from the shows, should you bring your own furniture, should you rent from someone like CORT, or an outside company in one of the cities? And why would you, why wouldn’t you? Let’s discuss this!

The advantage of renting from the show is that you’re not gonna be charged material handling, which means if you’re bringing in six sofas, or six love seats, you’re not gonna get hit for another thousand dollars in material handling.

The downside is that your choices are usually fairly limited, and it’s almost always more expensive than renting from a rental company because, typically, the general contractor is getting their furniture from the same place that you are about to go to.

so you have drayage, drayage is the cost of bringing that good in and out of the hall. But you also have more of a choice, if you own and bring your own, or if you rent from an outside place typically.

Then you do, however, there are some benefits and luxuries if you will, and ease of pain if you use the show management to populate your booth.

if you want a white sofa and you need three bar stools, it’s probably the choice to consider first. If you need something really specific because you’re going for a certain look, or you want a certain color, then you may have to go past the show service, and the show kit, and find an outside rental source.

Now, it depends on what city you’re in as to how badly you’re gonna get hit on material handling. If you’re in Orlando, New Orleans, Phoenix, Texas, or places like that, a lot of times, the rental companies will bring the furniture right in and they’ll drop it there, and you won’t get hit for material handling. Remember this while selecting las vegas trade show furniture rentals.

On the other hand, if the general contractor is looking to make an extra buck, they may stop your rental company at the door and demand that you use them to move the furniture in and out of the hall at which point you’re paying upwards of a dollar a pound to move your furniture around. Depending on what you’re trying to do, it might be worth it. 

The other alternative is to consider instead of renting, but consider bringing your own furniture. We typically, for cocktail tables and bar stools, do our own thing because they’re light, they’re compact, and we’re already shipping a crate or two or three, so adding another few pieces of furniture to that is not a big deal.

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If you’re looking to do sofas, love seats, or big things, typically, it doesn’t make sense for your exhibit company to ship those because you’re adding a lot of money in freight.

You’re gonna add money in material handling simply because it’s coming in with your booth and you’ve got to consider the possibility of damage, and problems in transit.

A white leather sofa is really not meant to ship from Phoenix to New York for a three-day show. It’s likely to end up dirty. It gets there, somebody’s hurt the crate. pieces are broken, now you’ve got to pay to ship it, you’ve paid to move it into the hall, and now you’re about to pay somebody else to bring a new one to you.

In las vegas trade show furniture rentals, If you rent literature racks and trash cans, you deserve to be shot. You should just leave money on the floor and burn it because that’s what you’re doing. There is no excuse for not shipping trash cans with a booth.

Literature rack, same thing. We can buy literature racks and throw them out for less money than you’re going to rent them. That piece of junk that freeman is gonna rent you, is anywhere from 150 to 300 dollars. You can buy those for 80 bucks all day long. But little things like that, easels, you know, all of your office supplies and stuff, that should be shipping with your booth.

So, again, on the order form itself, you’ve got your typical, you’ve got a discount if you order this prior to the date, the pre-show date, so that you can get the discount pricing. If you order it out of the show hall, we mean, in this case, the first item is basically a hundred dollars more rental for a single chair. This black leather chair, if you rented it at the hall, so definitely make sure you’re filling this stuff out on time.

The other people would consider outside rental sources. It’s worth checking those out to get the furniture that you want, but you want to make sure that you’re dealing with somebody who does trade shows.

Because getting that stuff in and out of the hall is, well, it’s not rocket science, people need to understand how to make it happen in the timing. 

You can’t just go to a regular las vegas trade show furniture rentals company like you might for your house or for a short-term apartment rental, so that’s my only other bit of advice. 

Another subject that was just brought up is doing a trade show as if it was your money. Let’s just assume it’s a trade show manager that’s not your money. But if it is, there is the option, you’re in Las Vegas, you’ve driven up a truck, and you could go to Ikea, buy a piece of furniture and bring it in.

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Wrap up on las vegas trade show furniture rentals

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