10 Best Rental Ideas For Las Vegas Trade Show Booth Rentals


Hey everyone, let’s discuss creative ideas and recommendations for having successful las vegas trade show booth rentals.

smart marketers know that exhibiting in industry trade shows is key to any brand strategy.

but sometimes due to logistics or budget, you may not be able to participate in as many shows as you’d like;

that’s when renting a booth makes sense!

renting a booth is a great way to save a budget without having to sacrifice branding objectives. 

in fact, renting helps build brands by freeing up time and budget which enables you to exhibit in more shows at any time anyplace.

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How to customize las vegas trade show booth rentals?


there are a number of ways to give your rental booth custom looks using graphics.

the types of graphics that can be easily customized include fabric panels, podium graphics, and hanging signs.

did you know that this large panel graphic can be custom designed with your logo and messaging?


lighting is a great way to create a mood, add excitement, highlight your brand, and attract visitors to your booth.

you have many different lighting options that can be used to create a custom look. you have backlights, up lights, LED display lights, and spotlights.

one of my favorite ways to add interest to a booth is with LED cabinet lights. we can add lighting to any standard rental counter.


like graphics and lighting, there are a number of flooring options available to give your booth a custom look.

flooring is a subtle yet great way to stand out.

So now we’ve gone over a few of the many ways and types of materials that can be used to customize a rental exhibit, Let’s see the ultimate guide on exhibit rentals;

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The ultimate guide to trade show exhibit rentals

1. Should you rent or buy your trade show exhibits?

a business team will need to consider four key variables before determining whether to rent or buy a trade show exhibit.

contrary to belief, it is not always going to be more cost-effective for a business to rent or buy.

business teams need to consider how much they are going to be using the product.

if, for instance, they are going to be using an exhibition a few times each year for the foreseeable future, it’s going to be more cost-effective to buy.

if an exhibition is purchased, the business will need to handle storing and maintaining it.

When an exhibit is rented, this is taken care of by the business that provides the rental.

when an exhibit is purchased it is easier to maintain a brand profile and keep it constant across multiple trade shows.

2. Effective ways to cut costs in a trade show display rental las vegas

businesses should certainly consider an exhibition display rental as one of the best possible options. 

Design ideas for trade show booth rental las vegas

your las vegas trade show booth rentals can be dressed up with a few inexpensive items to prevent a generic display look.

here are some design ideas.


bold colorful vinyl banners and other graphics can be made very inexpensively, but they provide excitement uniqueness and focus to your exhibit.

Plants and flowers

for a warm inviting ambiance, add a few plants or flowers to your las vegas trade show booth rentals. although you can usually rent them from the exposed equipment supplier, your cheapest bet will be a local florist.

contact a florist in the city hosting the trade show displays event and ask if they provide rentals or have currently discounted items.

high-quality silk or other artificial plants and flowers are the best choices since hot lights in the busy environment of the trade show display event can be hard on plants. be sure any plants are out of the way of traffic and not hiding any part of your display.

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Accessory storage

keep your tradeshow booth rental stylishly organized by providing decorative caddies to contain pens, premium gifts, other giveaways, and any other supplies you will be using constantly during the show.

be sure everyone in your booth understands the importance of keeping these items neat and tidy throughout the custom trade show rental las vegas.

if you use storage items themed to your business, so much the better.

Corral your pens in small flower pots if you’re in the gardening business, and in mugs, if you’re in the coffee or tea business.

keep business cards in a toy farm vehicle if you’re in the agricultural business


you can have better, less expensive, and more stylish furniture in your las vegas trade show booth rentals if you get it through a local trade show exhibit event rental company.

the exposed equipment supplier will have a hard time beating the deal you can get locally, and if you go through the supplier, your exhibit furniture will look just like everyone else’s.

if the show’s management complains about you using an outside vendor, explain that the official equipment provider doesn’t supply the furniture you need.

Wastebaskets and lights 

you’ll have a bigger selection and lower prices on waste baskets, lights, and extension cords for your tradeshow booth if you purchase them locally and donate them to a charity after the show.

the show management will be happy to rent you these same items at a much higher price, but a quick trip to the local hardware or variety stores can yield big savings on these items.

Top 10 tips for successful las vegas trade show booth rentals

the first four are related to talking with those attendees who come up to your booth

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1. Get your message out in 15 seconds

figure out how you’re going to say what you do in 15 seconds. if you can’t do that in 15 seconds, then you failed. this seems so simple, but over and over again vendors struggled with getting this very basic concept down.

you got to figure out a way to keep the message simple and get everyone at the booth to tell the same story.

2. Help the attendee without offending

assess their knowledge of a topic without making them feel stupid.

sales and marketing people often make assumptions that people understand their product, what it does, or how it fits in the marketplace.

so take a second to talk with the attendee and figure out how much they know so you can help them more.

maybe you’ll need to educate them a bit, but that’s all part of the process.

the key is to do it in a way where you don’t make someone feel dumb.

3. Respect the attendee’s time

the third recommendation is to be sensitive to people’s time.

at las vegas trade show booth rentals, attendees have a very limited time especially when there are dozens or hundreds of vendors.

check with the attendee to see if they’re interested in hearing or learning more, but the most important thing is to give them a way out of the conversation, especially if they look like they’re done.

4. Select an appropriate presenter

my fourth recommendation is to not let non-technical people present your topic if it’s technical. so this will vary based on the attendees you have in the type of show.

For example, you have very technical people attending these shows who are going to very large booths with stages and sound systems and the people giving the presentations are marketing people presenting on topics at such a high level.

it’s not even valuable for most of the audience to listen to.

it would be better to take an engineer or a product specialist and train them in public speaking so they can give presentations.

so all those things they just cover deal with some specific people’s interactions.

Recommendations related to your booth rentals itself

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5. Avoid the sales team “Wall”

don’t have your sales guys create a wall around your booth.

this approach makes the booth completely unapproachable. while it may seem like a good idea to flank the outside perimeter of your booth for people to talk to you it, only creates this unapproachable barrier.

get your sales guys to stand down and let your booth draw people in.

6. Your booth must communicate who you are and what you do

the background of your booth needs to quickly tell people what you do.

most attendees are not going to walk up and ask, hey so what do you guys do? so you need your booth to do that for you.

the wording of your las vegas trade show booth rentals in the background should be simple, and clear, and attendees should be able to know right away if it’s worth their time to approach you.

7. Your booth must stimulate visually

have a booth with stimulating visuals, incorporating some type of monitor that shows your product in use or is something that will catch people’s eye.

8. Freebies Giveaway

it’s a tradition to collect vendor freebies in las vegas trade show booth rentals.

if you’re going to spend money on freebies, really think about the item that you’re giving away.

freebies are great but make sure that you’re thinking about what you’re giving out or someone’s just going to throw it away and it’s just basically money out the window.

9. Present the right image

10. Be ready to demo what you do

Be prepared to demo your solution to people.

if you make software, show it to people. if you have a product, make sure you’re showing it off. 

if you’re in the service business, you’ll need to get creative to figure out a way that people can see what you do.

demos are effective and customers expect to see them at conferences.

Wrap up on Best ideas for trade show booth rentals las vegas

So above these are our thoughts on las vegas trade show booth rentals. We hope you found this blog interesting. Please feel free to share it with your team and friends. Thanks for reading!

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