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We want to talk to you about how to attract hundreds if not thousands of people to your cool trade show booths.

if you’re gonna go to a trade show, you want this to be a big deal. you want to go in,

there’s probably going to be thousands of ideal clients at this trade show and you’re going to go and set up there, so you want to be able to get those people in your booth.

because this could be the thing that really catapults your business pulling in so many sales in revenue that it could be hugely successful.

so we’re gonna share ideas with you on how to attract more people to your cool trade show booths.

first, we’re going to share a little bit of a story of how successful this has been for us;

one of our events that we went to it was for marketing professionals and so we went in and we knew that the audience there were people in marketing and we created all these cool trade show booths and displays.

we create the backdrops, we do tables, we do counters, we do banners, we do all of that kind of stuff, and obviously, marketing people are an ideal client for us so we went to this and we set up a booth.

now there were three printing companies, there was a company on the right, a company on our left, and there was us in the middle.

they were talking about how long they’d been in business and they had words like quality and integrity and service and then the people over here talked about their latest and greatest technology and how that advanced they were and all kinds of stuff like that.

and we were in the middle but our message was different.

we spoke to the marketing people and we said we know that you’re dealing with clients and we know that you’ve got marketing goals and we know you’re trying to grow and we spoke their language and we spoke to them

now here’s the interesting thing; our booth was so busy. it was crazy. it was mayhem. 

it was like we were causing congestion in the hallway, people were crowding around, and it was literally a great experience.

it was kind of embarrassing for them. it was a little awkward because our cool trade show booths were actually so busy and it was busy because we were speaking to them.

now here’s the best part; we walked out of there we had a ton of awesome leads. we got a bunch of clients.

it was that from one event, that’s how big of a deal it can be to do it, but it’s got to be done right.

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now the most important piece is how you attract those people to your cool trade show booths.

so let’s talk about that;

How to attract more people to your Awesome Trade Show Booths?

the most important piece is the message that you actually have. oftentimes though, it’s the thing most people aren’t thinking about.

they’re shopping around they’re looking at displays, but they’re not taking into consideration how we get the right displays with the right message.

now you really want to think that your booth space is actually really small.

usually, it is 10 x 10, and that’s the width of this backdrop is 10 feet so that’s the full width of your cool trade show booths.

often times people go with tables, but the tables now put you at a different eye level and it’s kind of awkward. you’re not as approachable when somebody’s walking by when you’re out of the counter, even with the stool or standing at your eye level you’re more engaging and people will come up.

these are the things that work. the little tips, the little tricks that are gonna make it successful.

it’s more comfortable to be at eye level and feel versus going up to somebody who’s sitting and the longer you sit you start to lose energy.

so your backdrop is oftentimes one of the most important pieces to have the message, we really want to urge you to think differently, and possibly this is something we could have a conversation about.

when people call in, the first questions we ask are what are your goals? what do you want to achieve? where’s your business? who’s your audience? etc., 

let’s get a design going that’s going to attract a lot of people there because this is the most important piece of your entire stay.

if people don’t come to your cool trade show booths, you’re wasting your time being there and they’re only going to come in if you get these displays right.

Unique & Cool Trade Show Booths Displays

standing out in a trade show exhibit may be a bit challenging, especially if there are hundreds of participating booths competing for the attention of all the guests in the event.

to ensure that you will capture the eyes and hearts of these people, you may want to choose from unique trade show booth displays instead of traditional ones.

Here are some cool trade show booths ideas to create the best booth displays:

three-dimensional booth display

unlike traditional two-dimensional banners and posters, the 3d booth displays create a more attractive illusion that will surely be noticeable in the crowd.

Pop-up booth display

Pop-up booth displays often come in small packages, but transform into one big display when ready to use; thus, the name “pop up”.

backlit displays

want your brand to literally outshine the other booth displays? get the backlit display where your logo, brand, or any design you prefer is lighted with backlights that will surely captivate the eyes of the visitors.

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these are just some of the many modern and unique cool trade show booth ideas available in the market right now.

How to display your simple trade show booths at a trade show?

Trade show tips, booth design, and event marketing we wish we knew before attending a big trade show. We made this blog for all those thinking about investing their time and money in attending a large trade show convention to sell products. 

Displaying at a trade show can do amazing things for your brand if you properly prepare for it.

How to be a vendor at a trade show?

The process of being a vendor at a tradeshow is pretty straightforward. You need to have a brand or service, and submit an application to the trade show of your choice. They will request your business information, pay for the registration, and then invest the money to set up your booth.

For popular trade shows it may be difficult to reserve a space, and getting in does not guarantee life-changing results. 

This blog will help you know everything you should consider so that you have the best chance for success.

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Tips and Tricks for 10×10 10×20 20×20 Cool trade show booths

Vendor Placement

The first thing you want to take into account is where your booth is actually being placed.

See if you could work out a deal with the people organizing the event to place you in a better position, depending on the booth placement will depend on what kind of traffic you may get and who may be around your area.

so getting a premier placement will definitely help increase traffic. so once you figure out where your cool trade show booths are going to be placed, you’re going to want to come up with a design for it. now,

this design will help visually depict your brand to complete strangers at this trade show.

it’ll help re-emphasize what your product or your company is all about and it will also accent the products that you are selling.

little details such as visuals on the outside of the wall, pictures of the products and the models on the inside of the wall, the clothing hangers that you use to actually hang your shirts, and the way that the product is categorized, will take your presentation to another level.

Prepare The Team

now the staff that you bring with you is going to be crucially important to be able to sell your product and your brand.

it’s gonna be very important that whoever is at your cool trade show booths and helping you run this tradeshow know exactly what it is you are selling and offering.

you may be overwhelmed with the number of questions that come directly to you as the owner, so you want to make sure that you train your staff properly so they know how to answer most of the common questions.

so a good tip may be to create some flashcards and have them memorize them before attending the trade show.

this way they’re able to free up some of your time and you’re able to maximize the amount of traffic coming to cool trade show booths.

in order to help your staff better sell the products, you can also add hang tags with vital information to each product category which will help your staff not have to memorize every single little detail about it.

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Marketing materials

now that you have your placement and your team, marketing materials are the things that potential customers are going to be able to take home with them to follow up with you and place an order.

one of the things to consider is having a catalog for your cool trade show booth.

the catalog should definitely be visually appealing and depict the lifestyle you are trying to get across.

this means using the right models and quality images to enhance the appeal.

if your product may require people to take it home to be able to make a buying decision, but you’re not able to actually give out all these products, a color card may be something that you give out to those buyers that are interested in closing a deal soon.

Business cards

business cards are gonna be just as important. a business card is going to be something that you’re giving out to everyone you talk to and you encourage them to follow up with you.

now whenever you give a business card out, you always want to take one in, and if there’s a person on your team that’s gonna be following up with everyone, make sure that they get it and they write a little note about what they need to follow up with.

Unique experience

All 10×10 10×20 20×20 cool trade show booths have an offering to make an advertisement in a magazine or make an advertisement on their website or social media. it’s all something that you want to consider to help buyers get to know what you’re about and open up the conversation.

This discussion was to prepare you, kind of give you some outlooks into things that you should have ready, so by the time you attend, you’re able to maximize your impression and truly make a statement and stand out when you’re competing with all these major brands.

another tip is always to line up some meetings and some leads before attending any trade show, which means reaching out to buyers or distributors that are in your industry.

so by the time you actually attend this trade show, they’re gonna be there. so you want to make sure that you’re on their schedule so they’re able to make an appointment with you. they come to your 10×10 or 10×20 cool trade show booths, you guys sell them as to the reason why they need to be buying your brand or products.

don’t go in there blindsided and just hoping that if you attend things are gonna work.

you have to put in the work beforehand.

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Wrap up on cool trade show ideas

Also, look for some of our other blogs where we talk about how to convert people once they get to your booth and how to follow up after the key pieces of design.

we’ve also got a buyer’s guide which we believe may be available right and it has all the information that you want to consider when buying either way.

make sure to go in this with a plan, don’t just go into it hoping for it to work out, go in and create the right plan and make this a success.

this can be a big deal for you, and for your business and hopefully, you are impacting people with whatever it is that you do with your cool trade show booths.

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